Large Lawn

We are SeeGrow Solutions Ltd a UK based group company who also supply sports turf LED grow lighting systems for grass worldwide to national & club sports facilities.  

As a result of over 3 years research and development concentrating on providing sustainable playing surfaces for sport with a Pathogen (disease) reduction method. The Covid-19 Global Pandemic event has pushed the need for further viable solutions to the forefront and led us to create SeeGrow Solutions Ltd to focus these efforts. Our aim is to use our expertise and research work to provide protection to allow us all to continue playing and viewing sport safely. 

Currently we have a solution to protect both staff, players by the sanitisation of natural grass and artificial turf pitches with dangerous viruses in mind. The products can also be used on many another contact surfaces and is being adopted by schools, contractors and facility staff as a means of protection for all concerned including spectators when they return.

Using the same innovative approach, we have, with our partners developed an Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser which provides 6 hours protection, therefore working much like virtual gloves. The product has proven data, under trial conditions and reaches the highest possible UK, EU and US certification.


Now that everyone is having to use hand gels, it is highlighting the damage that harmful ingredients and 70% plus alcohol, can do to the skin. Once the alcohol has evaporated (5-10mins) hands are subject to recontamination. In addition, alcohol-based products are a fire risk and where children are in attendance deemed not acceptable. SeeSafe Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser along with our other products are a proven safe, and efficient solution, all providing 6 hours protection.