SeeGrow CBF-30

For Sanitising Natural Grass Pitches & Protecting Players and Ground Staff



SeeGrow CBF-30 is an Organic Biocide Broad-Spectrum Natural Grass, Pathogenic disease reduction product.

CBF-30 is a deep clean Sanitiser that is effective in the control of Microorganisms which include bacteria, fungi, archaea, protists and viruses.

CBF-30 is tested to BS EN 1500:2014, BS EN 1276:2009 and ASTM E2315 EN 14476:20213 (Anti-Viral) standards and specifications. CBF-30 is unique in that it can be used on natural grass without any damage. 

How it works

CBF-30 works immediately on contact with the surface being treated. Once treated, the product stays active and has a residual effect of up to 6 hours wherein the surface will stay sanitised, this ensures that players and staff will never be infected by the playing surface during a game period. 

To minimise the risk to all pitch users, this Natural Grass Sanitiser should be conventionally sprayed to sanitise the playing surface and make it safe to both work on, and indeed play on again after treatment. 

SeeGrow’s CBF-30 will not only sanitise the pitch surface, ready for play, but also any surrounding areas and items to protect both Players and Ground staff who come into contact with them.

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Benefits of CBF-30













Sanitisation can happen even when the pitch is treated 1 or 2 days prior to usage, allowing Ground staff to carry out post-match repair and maintenance. 

The product breaks down rapidly in the soil, as it is organically based, so as to minimise the impact on beneficial soil microbes.

The Grass surface can be treated every 48-72 hours with no phytotoxic effect on the plant.

CBF-30 will help reduce other plant pathogenic disease that can affect grass.

In addition to the grass playing surface, CBF-30 can be used to treat the goal posts, corner flags etc. that might be handled by staff after every game giving heightened protection and reduce the risk of contamination to staff from microbes left behind in sweat and saliva.

Once the initial treatment is carried out we recommend treating the pitches on a regular basis dependent on usage; this will eliminate the risk of cross-contamination between different teams playing on the same pitch and of course safeguard the ground staff. 

CBF-30 will still work if applied during damp conditions. 

Applying water after application will dilute the CBF-30 but will not affect its operation, but we would recommend not to irrigate directly after application for a period of 30 minutes so as to allow the product to have maximum effect.  

CBF-30 is safe for ground staff to use. 

It is quick to use in that the time it takes to spray the pitch is the time it will  take to sanitise it.


CBF-30 is not Quat based (chemical based) so will not coat the plant, making it difficult for the plant to take up other products that you use in your ongoing program and of course CBF-30 does not contain any alcohol.


CBF-30 is supplied in a 2 Litre Bottle with an Application Rate of 1/200-400 litres of water.

Key information

Pack Size: 2 Litre

Application Rate: Use as a Folia Application. 1/200-400 (L/Ha) of water

Application Method(s): Knapsack / Sprayer

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