SeeSafe Alcohol-Free

Hand Sanitiser

Natural protection for your hands that stays active for up to 6 hours

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This Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser is a fast-acting, Broad-Spectrum sanitising product.

Once applied the product has a residual effect which means that any micro-organisms that come into contact with the treated surface will be neutralised for up to 6 hours after application. Our handgel is kind to your skin and can be used anywhere and anytime.



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Benefits of Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser

  • Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral; contains our unique Biocide for added protection.

  • Kind to Hands; Non sticky and dries in seconds.

  • Kind to Skin; Allergy testing on a scale of 0-4 where Johnson’s Baby Oil is used as a control value of 0.25 the SeeSafe product’s result is 0.36.

  • Effective on contact and continues to work for up to 6 hours at ambient temperatures.

  • Use anytime anywhere.

  • Prevents cross contamination, like wearing invisible gloves!

  • Can be applied as often as required as does not build up a residue.

  • Up to date Laboratory testing to International Standards &

  • Unlike Alcohol based products it does not evaporate away within seconds and will not dry and damage the skin when used regularly.

  • Supplied in 300ml, 2,5L and 5L containers.

  • This Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser is tested to BS EN 1500:2014, BS EN 1276:2009 and ASTM E2315 EN 14476:20213 (Anti-Viral) standards and specifications in support of any claim relating to the test and data reported.

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Alcohol Based Hand Sanitisers: Yes? or No?

Well No actually!


A far better solution is “Alcohol Free”

Using a Benzalkonium chloride-based hand sanitiser such as SeeSafe is far more efficient and comes with some key advantages over alcohol;

  • No damaging effects to the skin

  • Non-Flammable

  • Residual Protection


Effects on the Skin

Alcohol-based products are OK and effective if used occasionally, but if you use them regularly, they can cause skin irritation as it will dry the skin causing cracking. There is no similar effect with Benzalkonium chloride-based products such as SeeSafe.


Benzalkonium chloride-based products are non-flammable and care needs to be taken with alcohol based products as they are between 60-70% de-naturised alcohol; yes there is a risk!

Residual Activity or “keeping working”

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers stop working the instant they dry, and there is reason to believe that there is no residual protection at all, so, yes Alcohol based products work, but lose their efficiency very quickly; benzalkonium chloride-based products dry a few seconds longer than alcohol, allowing time to rub the product into your hands.

SeeSafe has up to date testing proving its efficiency and it is comfortable to use with no issues with harming your skin and ideal when used constantly and keeps working and protecting you up to 6 hours.

Key information

Pack Size: 300ml - 2,5L - 5L


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