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Natural Sportsturf surfaces are some of the most stressed natural surfaces in the world. The approach at Prograss has been to create a product that enables the plant to cope far better with the demands, rigours and stresses of a modern-day professional sports surface.

Many years of in-depth research and consultation with both Professional Grounds Staff and Greenkeepers, has gone into designing this product for your turf.

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What is in Promote™

Promote™ is a unique composition of natural plant extracts, denaturised extracts and specially selected organic compounds. This product has been designed to trigger the plant’s own defence mechanism by using natural plant hormones and denaturised extracts to ‘trick’ the plant into thinking it is under environment stress and to use the ingredients within Promote™ to help boost the plants own immune system. This results in the plant being far better equipped to withstand any attack and it can then expend more energy on growing, developing a much denser sward, a significantly greater root mass and visibly higher chlorophyll levels.

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The seaweed is a soluble extract containing a number of plant nutrients, trace elements, vitamins, enzymes, and plant hormones such as cytokinin’s, auxins, gibberellins, chelates and Glutamic acid. Cytokinin’s promote cell division and growth in both roots and shoots. Auxins and gibberellins promote cell growth and are essential for plant body development and growth

The Betaines in Promote™ have been proven to accumulate in plant species in response to environmental stresses such as drought, flood, salinity, extreme temperatures, both abiotic and biotic stress, and UV radiation. Betaines have a positive effect on enzyme and membrane integrity along with adaptive roles in managing both water retention and relinquishment in plants grown under stress conditions

Directions of Use

The recommended application rate for Promote™ is 20 litres per hectare every two weeks in 400 - 600 litres of water.


Extensive testing has proven Promote™ to be tank mixable with many other products such as fungicides and fertilizers but if you are not sure we would always recommend a jar test first prior to tank mixing

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