SeeSafe CF

Deep Cleaner for all surfaces suitable for use in Schools, Offices, Factories and the Home: protecting everyone

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SeeSafe CF is a fast acting, Broad-Spectrum sanitising product, ideal for use on Synthetic / Artificial Playing surfaces and all other hard surfaces.

The product is 100% Natural to which we add a bioflavonoid in order to enhance its effectiveness.

Enveloped viruses are surrounded by “lipid” (a fat and protein coat) that protects the virus inside, once applied SeeSafe CF breaks down this “lipid”, thus exposing the virus to the air where it cannot function.


Seesafe CF is tested to BS EN 1500:2014, BS EN 1276:2009 and ASTM E2315 EN 14476:20213 (Anti-Viral) standards and specifications


Benefits of SeeSafe CF

  • Works Immediately on contact; once applied the product has a residual effect which means that any micro - organisms that come into contact with the treated surface will be neutralised for up to 6 hours after application

  • Quick Drying

  • A perfect solution for Sanitising all hard and soft surfaces in schools,
    offices, staff rooms, kitchens, factories, and homes; anywhere you require a safe place of work for your staff and members of the public.

  • Can be applied as often as required; it does not build up a residue on

  • Quick and easy to apply; by hand wiping, spraying / *Fogging (see below)

  • SeeSafe CF remains active for up to 6 hours, unlike Alcohol products which evaporate away in seconds leaving the surface open to immediate recontamination.

  • Unlike Alcohol based products SeeSafe CF will not, when used repeatedly, discolour or damage your assets.

  • The Product is 100% Natural and unlike Quat based products
    (Disinfectant & Bleach) it will not when repeatedly used build
    up layers on your assets

  • Supplied in 20 Litre containers; the Dilution rate is 20/1 of SeeSafe CF

  • Tested to BS EN 1500:2014, BS EN 1276:2009 and ASTM E2315 EN 14476:20213 (Anti-Viral) standards

  • Standard PPE can be worn for most applications



*When Fog/misting the product it is recommended that, a task specific method statement is followed and correct PPE is worn; please ask for our Material Safety Data Sheet & COSHH sheet.

Gym Equipment
Stadium Cleaning

Key information

Pack Size: 20 Litre

Dilution Rate: 20/1

Application Method(s): Knapsack / Sprayer. Fogger


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