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What is our Solution?

A non-chemical-based system of “Supercharged Oxygen” in the form of water dissolved Ozone delivering an abundance of oxygen atoms to the plant, either through spraying onto the leaf or via injection into the soil. This enables the plant to maintain its own optimal state so it can absorb, convert and utilise nutrients more effectively. This In turn enhances the growth and development of the roots, both the vegetative and flowering characteristics.


Improved plant health leads to improved plant resistance to both abiotic and biotic stresses.


The SeeGrow Solutions Ozone-based technology has been developed to offer Sports Turf Managers a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional chemical treatments.


We have developed a range of machinery and systems, that require no consumables other than water, specifically for the Sports’ Industry.  Our patented, non-chemical technology caters for both natural and artificial playing surfaces. 

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